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CEDIA Preview: One Room - One Cable™

The Largest Assortment of Professional HDBaseT Products!    full article >>>

Aurora's DXM-G2 HD Video Matrix: Up to 32x32 w/HDBaseT IO

Aurora's DXM 2nd Generation Series, Big on Capability Small on Price   full article >>>

Aurora Video Wall Processors w/ Multi-Viewer and Rotation Engine

With over nine years of video wall expertise Aurora's DIDO processors and video image rotation engines remain intergators first choice for cost-effective video wall applications    full article >>>

One Room - One Cable™: DXB-8 adds Complete Control without adding to Budget

Aurora introduces the new DXB-8 low-cost 8-button single-gang wall panel   full article >>>

Digital Xtreme 2nd Generation Card-Based HD Video Matrix

Available in 8x8, 16x16 & 32x32 Card-Cage Formats   full article >>>

Touch Panel Flexibility with Push Button familiarity!

Aurora's WACI PAD's consist of unique programmable LCD Buttons where the button image and assigned macro can change with each press   full article >>>

Aurora Expands Sales in Asia and Australia

Bucking the trend, as Aurora Multimedia increases its US based manufacturing, Aurora now announces the opening of its Asia Sales Office and Australia Distribution partner    full article >>>

DIDO Jr - The ultimate video wall processor and rotation engine

DIDO Jr. is the ideal video wall processor and video image rotation engine. Integrators can design video walls with up to 64 monitors and the monitors can even be mounted in portrait position...   full article >>>

Aurora goes the distance with HDBaseT..... And then some! HDMI 1080P 60Hz over CAT Cable up to 600ft!

Aurora continues to push the limit with their ever-evolving HDBaseT Extender line now sending HDMI 1080P 60Hz 24Bit color 600ft over a single CAT6 cable.   full article >>>

Aurora's US based MFG continues to grow!

Over the past 5 years Aurora has been growing their in-house New Jersey based manufacturing plant   full article >>>

Aurora announces new multi-port control system expander!

Aurora expands current WACI Control System offering with LXC-200 Multi-port expander with integrated Web-Server   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia joins HDBaseT Alliance

Aurora Multimedia's new DXE-CAT series offers the latest in HDBaseT HDMI Extenders offering Ethernet and an embedded fully autonomous control system (Patent Pending).    full article >>>

Aurora announces new additions to its HDMI Extender Family

Aurora continues to add to its HDMI Extender line making it the most comprehensive and affordable line on the market today   full article >>>

InfoComm 2012 - Review

New products released at this years InfoComm...   full article >>>

InfoComm 2012 - Sneak Peak

See what is in store for Aurora at InfoComm12   full article >>>

DXE-CAT-S2L: HDBaseT CAT Extender with IP and built-in Device Control

Revolutionary HDMI extender with built-in control system   full article >>>

3G to HDMI / HDMI to 3G Converters

3G to HDMI / HDMI to 3G Converters   full article >>>

36x36 Matrix Now with HDBaseT CAT Extender

36x36 Matrix Now with HDBaseT CAT Extender   full article >>>

Simple Streaming Solutions - IPTV with the V-Tune Pro HD

Aurora's V-Tune Pro HD is the perfect solution for all your tuner needs   full article >>>

DXE-CAT-S2 HDBaseT Extender - HDMI, RS-232, IR, & LAN Over Single CAT Cable

The DXE-CAT-S2 is part of Aurora's expanding Digital Xtreme Series, and the first of the new HDBaseT CAT extenders   full article >>>

ASP-S123V Presentation Scaler with HDBaseT

New ASP-S123V Presentation Scaler Switcher Designed for Multi-signal Processing   full article >>>

AS-CAT1-VGA VGA / YPbPr 1000ft CAT Extender

New VGA / YPbPr 1000ft CAT Extender   full article >>>

Touch Panels with Built in Control System

Aurora has a complete line of in-wall / podium / rack mount touch panels in a variety of sizes and colors to control just about any AV and environmental equipment on the market...   full article >>>

A Human Touch to a Human Interface

A Human Touch to a Human Interface   full article >>>

ASP-S123V Low Cost Presentation Scaler Switcher

New Presentation Scaler Switcher   full article >>>

ASP-CTH Low Cost Video Scaler

Video / S-Video to HDMI Scaler Converter   full article >>>

LXB-200 Button Interface only $799 MSRP

New Button Interface   full article >>>

Digital Xtreme Matrix Solutions

Digital Xtreme 4x4, 8x8, 16x16, & 32x32 Solutions   full article >>>

NXT Series Now Available in White and Silver

NXT Touch Panel / Controller Now Available in White and Silver   full article >>>

HDMI 330ft CAT Extender with Serial and IR

ASP-CATx1VS 330ft HDMI 1.4 3D CAT Extender   full article >>>

Best Digital Tuner on the market VTune Pro HD

Best Digital Tuner on the market VTune Pro HD   full article >>>

ASP-88 8x8 HDMI Matrix

ASP-88 8x8 HDMI Matrix Now Supports Version 1.4a 3D   full article >>>

ASP-CATx1 HDMI Extender

ASP-CATx1 HDMI Extender Now Features 1.4a 3D & Bi-Directional IR   full article >>>

Presentation Cart Solution

CLASSPAC CART Low Cost All-In-One Presentation Solution   full article >>>

New 36x36 HDMI 1.4 Card Cage Matrix

36x36 HDMI 1.4 Card Cage Matrix   full article >>>

New 16x8 and 8x16 HDMI 1.3 Matrix

Low Cost 16x8 and 8x16 HDMI 1.3 Matrix   full article >>>

New 16x16 HDMI Matrix from Aurora

Low Cost 16x16 HDMI Matrix   full article >>>

Utilizing Aurora HDMI converters and extenders!

HDMI Converter & Extender Solutions   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces ASP-S92V

Presentation Scaler with PIP and 16 Watt Amplifier   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces ASP-AMP1

Digital Amplifier with RS-232 control   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces ASP-HTV

HDMI to VGA/YPbPr Converter   full article >>>

ASP-FIBRS1 Single Fiber Extender with RS-232 and IR

ASP-FIBRS1 Single Fiber Extender with RS-232 and IR   full article >>>

ASP-VTH HDMI Converter

HDMI Converters   full article >>>

ASP-HTD HDMI Converter

HDMI Converters   full article >>>

ASP-DTH HDMI Converter

HDMI Converters   full article >>>

ASP-14H (1x4) & ASP-18H (1x8) HDMI Splitters

ASP-14H (1x4) & ASP-18H (1x8) HDMI Splitters   full article >>>

ASP-1616DA HDMI / DVI Matrix Switcher Available Now

Switchers available without audio if needed (ASP-1616D)   full article >>>

Infocomm 2010!!!

Infocomm International Show   full article >>>

V-Tune Pro HD ATSC/QAM/NTSC/IPTV All in One Tuner

ATSC/QAM/NTSC/IPTV in One Tuner   full article >>>

ASP-CATx1 & ASP-CATx2 HDMI Extenders

CAT HDMI Extenders   full article >>>

ASP-44 4x4 Video Switcher Available Now

Aurora Multimedia announces the release of the new ASP-44 HDMI Matrix Switcher   full article >>>

Mini-Wall 15.6" (MW-156) Videowall LCD tiles

Latest addition to the existing DIDO real-time rotation videowall processors   full article >>>

NXB-100 Bluetooth Voice-Lift for NX Series

Aurora Multimedia announces the release of the new NXB-100   full article >>>

NXT-350 2 Gang Touch Panel with Control Ports

3.5" in-wall touchpanel and control system in one   full article >>>

NX Update Software Utility Now Available

Application for updating firmware on multiple WACI units at the same time   full article >>>

New Video Preview Touch Panel

What can make the 7" in-wall NXT-700 better?   full article >>>

ASP-88 HDMI Matrix Switcher Available Now

Aurora Multimedia announces the release of the new ASP-88 HDMI Matrix Switcher   full article >>>

WP-6C control interface now shipping

Aurora Multimedia announces the release of the new WP-6C six-button OLED color control interface   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces DIDO LT™ High-Resolution Video Wall Processor/Scaler

New Processor Offers Installers Exceptional Picture Quality at a Very Attractive Price   full article >>>

New from Aurora Multimedia at InfoComm 09

Debuting at InfoComm 09, CLASSPAC™ provides preconfigured multimedia systems designed for classroom audio, video, and control integration   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia's control solutions help Colorado's Radiant Church bring message to over 1000 members in renovated facility

WACI NX+™ Control System, WACI-PAD Control Panel, and IBZ-1041W Wireless Touch Panel Provide Video Switching Between Multiple Projectors, Cameras, Monitors, and Feeds for Digital Signage   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia strengthens sales team with appointments of national and regional account managers

Aurora Multimedia Corp., a leading provider of IP-based control systems, processors, and touch panels for A/V systems, today announced that it has made two appointments to strengthen its sales team.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia now shipping WACI Nugget series of remote access Serial™, IR™, Relay™, and I/O™ controllers

Aurora Multimedia announces that it is now shipping its WACI Nugget series of fully functional, stand-alone remote access controllers.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia signs on ANEW C.T. to bolster sales efforts in western U.S.

Recent Partnerships With Rep-Presents and Lex Lawson Associates Provide Greater Service to Customers in Midwest and South    full article >>>

Create WACI GUIs now with YIPI 3.0...

Intuitively create touch panels without programming   full article >>>

You visited and made it so...

Thank you for being part of our greatest InfoComm ever!    full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces VTune Pro HD - The Next Generation Professional Digital Tuner

Packed tuner provides ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuning with analog and digital AV output   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces 1RU Dynamic LCD Controller

An integrated control system and interactive LCD button interface for in-rack control   full article >>>

New products to be showcased at InfoComm08

Aurora Multimedia is showcasing the two revolutionary fiber optic and Category 5e/6 (CAT-5e, CAT-6) cable systems for the extension of high-definition video and audio signals.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Exhibits World's First Expandable Digital Video Matrix Router

First Matrix Router That Supports DVI, HDMI, SDI and Display Port in a Single Backplane   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Launches Dynamic 12-Button Controller

The WACI PAD-12 is a complete control system that provides the full functionality of an interactive touch panel with 12 dynamic, tactile LCD buttons.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia introduces HD version of its 1RU half-width PC

Aurora Multimedia has announced the release of its latest version of the popular XPC rack mountable PC. The new model, dubbed XPC-HD, maintains the XPC's unique, tiny footprint that allows one or two units to be rack mounted side-by-side in a single rack space.    full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Releases New 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Aurora Multimedia announced innovation of the industry's first high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) matrix router with 8-in 8-out ports and full HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) compliance, giving users the ability to transmit high-definition audio and video signals to as many as eight displays.    full article >>>

Aurora Introduces 6 New Controller Models

More versatile control ports in a single unit than any product on the Market!   full article >>>

Aurora's Pro:IdiomTM HDTV Tuners - New Profit Centers for Hotels

With the recent launch of its HPX Series digital tuners, Aurora Multimedia has answered an urgent call for HDTV solutions for hotels.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Continues to Add Value to WACI Controllers

17 snap-on ports for WACI NX Controllers   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Offers Expansion without Restriction

Aurora Multimedia announced today the shipping of its WACI POD remote IP port solution. Each POD unit adds 8 control ports to a control system (2 serial, 2 IR, 2 Relays, 2 I/O) by simply connecting it to the network. Aurora Multimedia announced today the shipping of its WACI POD remote IP port solution. Each POD unit adds 8 control ports to a control system (2 serial, 2 IR, 2 Relays, 2 I/O) by simply connecting it to the network.   full article >>>

WACI NX 3.4.5 firmware officially released!!

Looking to add new functionality to your WACI NX control system?  Version 3.4.5 has many new exciting features   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Releases 6x6 HDMI Matrix Switcher

Aurora Multimedia Corp., leading innovator of video signal processing and control products announced today the release of its 6x6 HDMI matrix switcher, the HS-66M.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia-RTcom USA Announce Digital Technology Merger

Aurora Multimedia, Morganville, NJ and RTcom USA, Sparta, NJ announced today that the two companies have formally joined forces in bringing their cutting edge technologies to the pro AV marketplace.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Winner of Digital Signage Awards

When The Digital Signage Group, Poulsbo, Wash., recently announced the winners of its 2007 Digi Awards competition, the first award was given for the best Local Retail Campaign, and Aurora Multimedia’s Dido Jr. was a critical element in the winning design.   full article >>>

Aurora Installs New Robotic Assembly System

Aurora Multimedia announced today the installation of a new production line at its Morganville, NJ facility. The new surface mount, robotic assembly system has a capacity of populating circuit boards at a rate of 20,000 parts per hour, and is due to begin operation February 1, 2007. As demand increases, the build-rate can double to 40,000 parts per hour.   full article >>>

WACI NX Receives a Boost in Form and Function

Already providing the most powerful control system in the industry, Aurora Multimedia has announced the release of an improved version of the WACI NX. This newest version, now shipping, features a bright, sharp, OLED front panel display, double the memory of previous versions and a major firmware upgrade.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Launches Dynamic Button Controller

The WACI PAD-6 is an LCD button panel that provides the full functionality of an interactive touch panel with simple, tactile LCD buttons.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Debuts Free GUI Creation Tool

Morganville, NJ. – Touting it as “incredibly simple and effective,” Aurora Multimedia this week launched its new, touch panel creation application, YIPI 2.0. The acronym stands for Your IP Interface, and it is designed as a tool to rapidly create graphic user interfaces (GUIs) for WACI NX control systems.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Introduces Certification Program

Aurora Multimedia recently announced an industry partner and certification program that seeks to foster the creativity of integrators, programmers, consultants, and manufacturers, in the creation of versatile tools for systems integration. Coined “Certifiably WACI” the program shares the light-hearted naming style of the Aurora product line, yet it is a very robust and serious program.   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia growth Rooted in IP Based Control

Aurora Multimedia's recent sustained growth is a clear illustration of the growing acceptance of IP based technology   full article >>>

Aurora Multimedia Begins Shipping DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr.

Aurora Multimedia has begun shipping its improved line of video processors   full article >>>

Looking For Product Support?

Aurora Multimedia launches web-based support system to help streamline the entire support process   full article >>>

Commercial Install: Live Video Brings Beach to Stores

Hollister adds a creative live video solution using Aurora gear   full article >>>

Aurora's WACI NX+ Drives the Competition

Aurora control products have become the number one choice for updating legacy AV systems   full article >>>

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