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NXB-100 Bluetooth Voice-Lift for NX Series

Aurora Multimedia is pleased to announce a revolutionary new approach to Voice-Lift in a class or conference room. The NXB-100 in concert with the NX or NXT series of Aurora IP control products utilizes Bluetooth wireless technology to turn a mobile headset into a microphone for local speech reinforcement. This patent pending process is the first of its kind and takes advantage of 128 bit encryption and pairing. The NXB-100 will work with Class 1(300ft) or Class 2 (33ft) Bluetooth wireless headsets. The NXB-100 relies on the control system to process the audio creating a Voice-Lift system at almost half the cost of stand-alone wireless mic systems on the market today.


  • No line of sight as with IR based systems
  • Allows use of smaller/lighter microphones
  • 128 bit encryption with pairing
  • 33ft and 300ft operation range choices
  • Remote volume control from the headset
  • Echo and noise cancelation (depends on headset paired)
  • 20 band equalizer (depends on headset paired)

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