The NX-PAND allows the WACI NX+ to control additional peripherals with the addition of expansion ports by simply connecting the NX-PAND to WACI NX+ expansion bus. The NX+ E1 includes 1 NX-PAND while the NX+E2 is preconfigured with 2 NX-PANDS.

• Connects to the fast 32 bit wide WACI NX-PANSION bus
• Adds 5 Serial Ports
• Adds 4 IR/Serial (TX only) ports
• Adds 4 Relay Ports
• Adds 4 DSP Ports

  • Expansion modules can be used with the WACI NX+ compact control system
  • Multiple WACI NX units can be used in a single system, each with a different WACI NX expansion module for the ultimate in control system flexibility
  • Up to two NX-PANDS can be used with the WACI NX+ allowing 12 of every port from one system.
  • NX-PAND, when connected with the WACI NX+, allows large sized systems to be controlled using very little rack space.
Serial (5) 2-way RS-232 ports (Port 2 capable of RS-422/485)
IR (4) IR/serial/1-way RS-232 outputs
DSP (4) DSP ports: TTL In/Out and analog inputs and outputs -5V to + 5V
Relays (4) isolated low-voltage relays C-Type 24VDC @1A