Sometimes the most overlooked part of an integrated system with control is the interface. Ultimately this will be the most important part of the system as the end user will rely on the interface for the operation of the room. Too complex will make for a poor experience and too simplistic will not allow a presenter to utilize the full functionality of the system.

Aurora is pleased to present a white paper on proper touch panel / web interface design at the following link:

A Human Touch to a Human Interface

Aurora Control System History

Aurora has been designing and manufacturing Control System products since 1999. Our first product was the WACI+ (Web Accessible Control Interface) designed to be the first non-proprietary / non-platform specific control system typology that would work in concert with just about any product. It proved to not only be the fastest control system of its time but was also the first scripting based control system for the AV industry. The Aurora control product line has a distinct advantage to change code and interface pages on the fly while the system is being used. Today we provide a large variety of control system form factors, button interfaces, and touch panel interfaces backed with a 3 year warranty and low price for feature.