Expanding Aurora Control systems is easy and always IP Based. Building on the success of the WACI Nugget Port Expanders, the LXC-200 combines all versions in a single 2-gang mountable unit. The LXC-200 contains 3-Serial Ports, 2IR/1-way Serial Ports, 2-Relays, DIO and Audio I/O Pre Amp in a small 2-gang mountable box. The LXC-200’s ports can be accessed from any Aurora control system (NX-22, NXT Touch Panel’s or other WACI Control engines) via a standard POE Ethernet connection allowing for flexible, distributed control.

The LXC-200 also boasts an internal Web-server for serving up Web Control pages for standalone applications creating an extremely cost effective Room Control System. The LXC-200 shipping in October is Manufactured in the U.S.A. with an MSRP of $579.

Key Features:

  • LXC-200 Multi-Port Expander Fits in standard 2-Gang
    • 3-RS232
    • 2-IR/RS232
    • 1-DIO
    • 2-Relay
    • Audio I/O
    • POE LAN
  • Built-in Web Server for Stand-alone control applications
  • Install remotely at device location
  • Made in USA
  • $579 MSRP

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