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IPBaseT® 4K AV over IP

VLX Series Going the Distance!


The VLX Series has the ability to go the distance. While regular CAT 5e will go 100m (330ft), CAT 6 and 6A can go much further. Below we have tested the following cabling from West Penn and the results of the testing with 4K video. Please note if using a different brand cable when exceeding the industry standard 100m (330ft) we highly recommend to verify the results first prior to installation as not all cables perform the same.

West Penn Wire

Cat 5e UTP (Unshielded) • 100m (330ft) • Any brand on the market made to Category 5e or better specification Cat 6 UTP (Unshielded) • 143m (470ft) • Cable Brand: West Penn Wire • Part Number: 4246 Cat 6 UTP CMR • Part Number: 254246 Cat 6 UTP CMP Cat 6A UTP (Unshielded) • 182m (600ft) • Cable Brand: West Penn Wire • Part Number: 4246A Cat6 A UTP CMR • Part Number: 254246A Cat6A UTP CMP

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