Aurora Multimedia has begun shipping its improved line of video processors. Aurora’s DIDO and DIDO Jr. feature high resolution processing capabilities for implementing low-cost video walls as well as quad image processing. The new improved versions include several new window layout modes and digital audio via SPDIF capabilities.

The DIDO Pro is an extremely compact and powerful, multipurpose video processor. It is a high resolution, quad image scaler with the ability to rotate the displayed image windows in ninety degree increments. DIDO can show up to 4 high resolution/full motion images on a single display with great flexibility in format and up to 6 inputs. DIDO can be controlled using the included IR remote or serial control with Aurora’s WACI NX or other high end control system. Store up to 99 presets and link together multiple DIDOs for control via a single serial port.

DIDO Jr. is the ideal video wall processor and video image rotation engine. Integrators can design video walls with up to 64 monitors in either portrait or landscape orientation. DIDO Jr’s image quality is visibly superior to much more expensive video wall processors and it gives any integrator the ability to produce a very cost-effective high quality video wall.

On-screen display menus make the DIDO Jr. a breeze to set up. Input and output resolutions are completely customizable to match the displays’ optimal resolutions, and user presets allow for simple manipulation of the video wall. You can easily set it up to go from a single large image shown across all monitors to unique images on several groups of monitors.