Aurora Multimedia Ships Dockable Control Port Solution


Aurora Multimedia is now shipping expansion modules for it WACI NX control system. The new NX PAND unit adds 17 plug and play control ports to NX Series controllers. With NX PAND and WACI POD, AV and IT integrators can now take advantage of wide-reaching control options. The NX PAND adds 5 serial ports, 4 IR, 4 Relays and 4 DSPs to a WACI NX+ or NX Jr controller.  Fast installation requires a technician to simply plug in the module and tighten 4 screws.


WACI NX+ can now efficiently support very large rack systems. With 2 NX PAND units mounted, the NX+ will have a full compliment of local ports: 12 serial, 12 IR, 12 relays and 12 DSP ports. Combined with the new WACI POD remote IP port solution, a WACI NX control solution can expand to manage entire facilities and campuses. Each POD unit adds 8 control ports to a control system (2 serial, 2 IR, 2 Relays, 2 I/O) by simply connecting it to the network.


Aurora Multimedia’s WACI control systems have all of the elements necessary for systems integrators to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy IP control systems.