Aurora Multimedia’s recent sustained growth is a clear illustration of the growing acceptance of IP based technology in the professional audio visual industry. “To this point in 2006 our overall business is up more than 120 percent beyond annual totals for 2005”,? stated Paul Harris, President of Aurora Multimedia., “and we are prepared to deliver.”

Harris takes credit only for the power and performance of Aurora”s WACI NX series control system products. The overriding force behind the growth has been the continuous effort by industry organizations such as Infocomm, NSCA and CEDIA to coax the industry into the age of IT. The ongoing education process is opening doors for integrators nationwide.

Since the WACI (Web Accessible Control Interface) control system was first launched in 2002 Aurora has seen an exponential increase in interest in the product line. At first the interest was simply curiosity. People wanted to know what IP control was. But such casual inquiries have morphed into something much more practical. With dramatically increased frequency design-build firms are specifying WACI NX control in their proposals, and the greatest activity has been in the government and education sectors.

Affecting measured changes to staff, manufacturing process and distribution channels has allowed Aurora to adapt to the skyrocketing order levels. Aurora expects to maintain consistent inventories through the remainder of the year.