Morganville, NJ. – Aurora Multimedia announced today the shipping of its WACI POD remote IP port solution. Each POD unit adds 8 control ports to a control system (2 serial, 2 IR, 2 Relays, 2 I/O) by simply connecting it to the network. The new product allows broad scale deployment of IP-based master controllers, such as Aurora’s WACI NX line, by giving integrators the ability to cost-effectively add control ports wherever needed. The WACI POD can also be used to expand many PC-based control systems.


IP based control systems live on standard Ethernet networks, which can simultaneously host all other network services. When the new WACI POD is added to a network, the main controller, WACI NX or PC, can control the 8 ports as though they were directly connected. The result is a very cost effective, yet fully capable, facility-wide control system.


“The WACI POD was designed as an accessory for WACI NX controllers to provide a complete and efficient control solution for the education market,” said Andy Fliss, VP of Sales and Marketing at Aurora. “Anywhere asset management with remote accessibility is critical, and cost effectiveness is paramount, WACI’s IP efficiency can be the solution.” Unlike most control systems, a single WACI NX can manage and control numerous GUI-based control programs at the same time. This means several rooms can each have a unique control web site – all running off a single controller. Simply deploy an inexpensive WACI POD in each room to provide complete and independent control of each room. These PODs can be accessed from the room or anywhere on the network.


The WACI POD has a very powerful backbone that was designed to deliver a positive user experience. It runs off a monster 250 MIPS hardware steering processor that rapidly triggers commands delivered to it via Remote Procedure Call (RPC). Most IP controllers offer processing speeds less than 1/10 of this power, resulting in systems that function poorly, providing frustratingly slow response time and an overall uncomfortable user experience.


In short, WACI POD adds a very important element to IP control, by allowing expansion without restriction. Learn more about the WACI line of products by Aurora at