Morganville, NJ June 15, 2007 – Aurora Multimedia, Morganville, NJ and RTcom USA, Sparta, NJ announced today that the two companies have formally joined forces in bringing their cutting edge technologies to the pro AV marketplace. The agreement, completed in June shortly before InfoComm 2007, will catapult the group to a leadership role in the digital audio video industry.

Both companies consistently develop cutting edge technologies that appear futuristic to observers but are highly functional and robust. Aurora Multimedia has developed and refined WACI, the first IP based control system as well as the DIDO Pro and DIDO Jr video processors, while RTcom has developed and introduced a full line of DVI and HDMI signal routing devices (all HDCP compatible and most supporting 1080P). Both companies have positioned themselves as providing products of the highest quality to the market. “The product lines are a natural fit,” said Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora Multimedia, “Both companies continue to develop newer and better technologies than can be found anywhere today.”

From his first introduction to Aurora Multimedia, Joon Ryu, President of RTcom, was certain that the two companies would share a common future. “For a long time RTcom was seeking a solution for multi-screen applications, video walls and such,” said Ryu, “and all the time Aurora’s DIDO Jr. has needed a video distribution amplifier. This codependency opened the door to more discussions, and here we are today.”

Where they are is not as important as where they will be going. Both companies have top notch research and development organizations, both are nimble and proactive, and both are at the leading edge of the industry. Together they will create new solutions for an audio visual market that is being “dragged, kicking and screaming” into the digital age. “Daddy, what are an-a-logs?”

The sales operations for all products will be managed by Aurora Multimedia, and dealerships currently purchasing product from either company will now have access to products in both. Customer service, sales and support will be provided via Aurora Multimedia. Questions or comments can be directed to Andy Fliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Aurora at 732-591-5800.