June 7, Las Vegas, NV – Aurora Multimedia WACI (Web Access Control Interface) NX control products have become the number one choice for updating legacy AV systems. In addition to its superior capabilities in newly designed systems, the Aurora WACI control system answers two critical issues with its non-proprietary design when updating older systems: 1) WACI NX products can be positioned in an existing system that is already being controlled by a different control system, and 2) WACI does not require a system to be shut down for modifications or upgrades.

"WACI," as described by Mike Ferrer, Technical Sales Director for Aurora, "is a completely dynamic system. To make changes you just edit a web page from any workstation on the network. There is never a need to compile code or load and reload touch panels and control servers. The graphic user interface screens are served up real-time just like web pages. The only difference is that when you touch a WACI interface things happen in the real world."

Since integrators often need to disable control systems when changes need to be made, their relationships with their customers can be challenged. There are no such issues with WACI. Changes can be made locally or remotely with the system up and running. WACI even has Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption run by a separate built in coprocessor to maintain the security integrity of the corporate environment. "We know that the WACI NX control series is going to be a standard in control systems. We just need to get the word out to the industry," said Paul Harris, CEO of Aurora Multimedia Corp.

Aurora Multimedia’s research, design and manufacturing is all US based, and the company continues to lead the industry with innovative products that are profitable for dealers and provide a low cost of ownership for end users. Aurora Multimedia can be contacted at 732-591-5800, auroramultimedia.com or info@auroramultimedia.com.