The Digital Xtreme series consists of 4 digital media card cage models DXM-44, DXM-88, DXM-1616, & DXM-3232. The Digital Xtreme Series has a variety of input and output cards to choose from to simplify the installation and reduce the external component count. HDMI, DVI, HDSDI, VGA, CAT, and Fiber cards are just some of the choices available. The DXM card frame can be controlled by RS-232 or LAN and has a redundant power supply option as well for the larger models. The Digital Xtreme Series provides a flexibility ideal for commercial, residential, digital signage, education, military, and broadcast applications.


  • Lowers overall system cost
  • Reduces complexity
  • Simplifies rack wiring
  • Expandable

DXM Features:

  • Up to 32-channel input and 32-channel output signals depending on model
  • Inputs – Up to 8 cards with up to 4 inputs per card depending on model
  • Outputs – Up to 8 cards with up to 4 outputs per card depending on model
  • 12.75Gbps per channel backplane bandwidth
  • Redundant power supply option (DXM-1616, DXM-3232)
  • Front button control panel and LCD
  • LAN and RS-232 control (DXM-44 is RS-232 Only)
  • Small Rack Footprint for all models

Input Cards:

  • DXCI-4-HDMI (4 HDMI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-DVI (4 DVI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-3GSDI (4 3G/HD/SD SDI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-CAT (4 CAT Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-LC (4 Fiber Inputs)
  • DXCI-3-DVI (3 DVI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-2S1H1D (2 3G/HD/SD SDI, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-2V1H1D (2 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-AV (4 Composite Video with Audio Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-VGA (4 VGA with Audio Inputs)
  • DXCI-4-YPbPr (4 YPbPr with Audio Inputs)

Output Cards:

  • DXCO-4-HDMI (4 HDMI Outputs)
  • DXCO-4-CAT (4 CAT Outputs)
  • DXCO-4-LC (4 Fiber Outputs)

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