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December 15th 2015
IN THIS ISSUE: IPX 4K 10G Transceivers Shipping this Month!

IPX-TC1-F (10G fiber)

IPX-TCW3-F (10G fiber) / IPX-TCW3-C (10G Copper)

IPX-TC1-C (10G Copper)IPX-TCW3-F (10G fiber) IPX-TCW3-C (10G Copper)

With Aurora’s new IPX IPBaseT™ product line (*SHIPPING END OF MONTH), Aurora has finally come full circle — able to not only move our Video Products onto the network, but do it while offering 4K UHD uncompressed video with zero latency (single-frame latency when using seamless switching mode) and an architecture that does not limit the size of the application. *IPX-TC1-F Fiber, IPX-TC1-C Copper & IPX-TCW3-F Fiber Wall Plate shipping Dec. 2015; IPX-TCW3–C Copper 10G wall plate shipping Feb. 2016.

IPX Series Transceivers — Put the Past Behind You!

  • No Card Cage Frames with limiting I/O structure
  • No Compression allowing the highest/clearest picture for the ever-increasing screen sizes
  • No Delay allowing IP transmission to be utilized in Live events!
  • No Fuss in design and ordering as there is only ONE SKU – IPX-TC1 Transceiver allowing a single box to be configured as an Input or Output. This means: Easy Ordering/specifying, Easy Inventory Management and Easy Troubleshooting


  • Yes — It can do video wall applications up to 5×5
  • Yes — It does have Audio Breakaway switching
  • Yes — It can be used Point-to-Point making it a long-haul HDMI extender
  • Yes — It does come in 10G Fiber with SFP+ as well as 10G Copper
  • Yes — 10G Copper version supports 100 meters over unshielded CAT6A cable
Don’t be confused as other companies are claiming similar 4K over IP systems.
Rising above competition, Aurora outshines:

  • Only 4K over IP Transceiver simplifying life (single unit can be configured as Input or Output)!
  • Only 4K over IP Transceiver with Dual HDMI A/B Networked or Local Inputs
  • Only 4K over IP Transceiver with Loop-Thru HDMI output (when configured as Input Encoder
  • Only 4K over IP Transceiver with Option slot for USB Extreme® and Dante® (Dante Future Feature available Summer 2016)
  • Only 4K over IP Transceiver WALL PLATE!
  • Only 4K over IP product with embedded web control engine (in each TC1 unit for easy control expansion from 3rd party control systems as well as localized control)

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