Aurora is pleased to announce the NXT Series touch screen controllers are now available with white and silver bezels in addition to the existing black. The NXT Series uses eco friendly aluminum bezels unlike plastic bezels found on other products. Custom colors and designs are available at additional costs in anodized or powder coated. Now more than ever the NXT Series can compliment any installation decor.


The NXT is a color touch screen with integrated control system. Available in 3.5″ (NXT-350), 4.7″ (NXT-470), 7.0″ (NXT-700) and 7.0″ with video preview (NXT-700V), the NXT can automate just about anything with its onboard control ports. In addition, it can serve up remote web pages to computers, iPad, smart phones, and just about any device with a web browser. The NXT also has a built in IR sensor so remote controls can be used from up to 20′-40′ away depending on model. Best of all is the low price and combined features make it much more affordable and easier to install.

Key Features:

  • 32 bit Multi-threading Processor (900 MIPS)
  • 128MB DDR2 Memory
  • 256MB Flash Memory (expandable to 16GB)
  • 10/100 LAN POE (Power over Ethernet), Two LAN on NXT-700 & NXT-700V Models
  • Two RS-232 ports
  • One IR Port with 1 way Serial (NXT-350, NXT-470), Two IR (NXT-700, NXT-700V)
  • One I/O port (NXT-350, NXT-470), Two I/O (NXT-700, NXT-700V)
  • Two Relay C-Type (NXT-700, NXT-700V)
  • Two Relay C-Type (NXT-700, NXT-700V)
  • One Line Input (Volume Control)
  • One Line Output (Volume Control and MP3 Playback)
  • One USB 2.0 (Memory expansion and NXB-100 Voice Lift plug-in)
  • One Internal Microphone
  • One Internal Speaker
  • One IR Sensor for remote use and IR Learning
  • Unlimited port expandability using WACI Expansion units
  • Aluminum Front Bezel (No plastic on this unit)
  • Aluminum Front Bezel (No plastic on this unit)
  • Low Power
  • Mounts in-wall, on-wall, carts, and podiums
  • Works with TRACS Global Management Software

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