Already providing the most powerful control system in the industry, Aurora Multimedia has announced the release of an improved version of the WACI NX. This newest version, now shipping, features a bright, sharp, OLED front panel display, double the memory of previous versions and a major firmware upgrade.

The physical dimensions, port allocation and weight are identical to all other WACI NX controllers. The new OLED front panel display is striking and clearly readable from all angles and all lighting environments. The button panel associated with the display adds tremendous conveniences to system integrators. In addition, the revised internal firmware completely redefines integrator experiences. Improvements are centered on flexibility with programming and additional versatility surrounding IP actions and events.

WACI NX now supports conditional actions, which gives programmers the ability to create actions based on system variables, such as time or power state. The new version also allows UDP or Ethernet to trigger events and actions, and integrators can now enable or disable Telnet for networks with security. WACI NX now provides easily accessible configuration files which allow for system backup or cloning via FTP, and there are also enhancements in the Event Manager for saving and running event files.

When asked if there was ever to be a final version of the WACI NX, Aurora COO, Mike Twerdak replied, “The WACI will always be evolving. Each update adds to its intuitiveness, power and versatility, so I think we’ll call it final when all of our customers tell us ‘That’s enough’.”

In addition to the revised WACI NX, Aurora has recently begun shipping its long-awaited WACI-PAD LCD button panel and announced a release version of its free YIPI 2.0 GUI creation tool. The technical staff at Aurora is available to answer questions or to work with integrators that are introducing WACI NX to their customers.