The 2008 InfoComm Show has had no precedent during Aurora’s 10-year history. The energy in the Las Vegas Convention Center this year was phenomenal; far beyond anybody’s expectations. While every year we look forward to InfoComm as a way to get recharged after a long year of hard work, nothing prepared our staff for the excitement that rolled through the exhibit for three days.

Never before have exhibit visitors served to absolutely pump up our team the way you did this year.

When our engineers develop new products, we generally know that they are good ideas, and we get that kind of feedback along the way. But it is so very different when you come to our booth, put your hands on the products, and tell us that you need them. That’s the greatest test and it gives us the greatest satisfaction.

Each product we showed had its own unique group of supporters. Here’s a recap of the new stuff:

VTune Pro HD – ATS/QAM/NTSC/H.264

The new VTune Pro HD delivers a total tuning solution for any integrated system, whether it requires legacy NTSC tuning or ATSC/QAM capability. The new tuner is also LAN addressable and IPTV ready, capable of decoding MPEG2 and H.264.

As with all Aurora Multimedia products, the VTune Pro HD is absolutely integrator-friendly. Intuitive RS232 command sets provide reliable 2-way communication via traditional control systems, but it also provides IP-based control for networked arrays of these units. A host of video output ports will support composite video, component video, RGB and HDMI. Audio will be supported with both unbalanced RCA connections and SPDIF coaxial digital audio. The VTune Pro HD defines versatility as it can be fit into nearly any integrated system typology.

The WACI PAD 12LRM – 1RU Dynamic LCD Controller

The WP-12LRM is a complete control system that provides the full functionality of an interactive touch panel in a 1RU linear array of 12 tactile LCD buttons.

The WP-12LRM is the ultimate solution for local control of “faceless” rack-mounted AV gear. In an effort to lower costs many manufacturers have eliminated control panels from their products. While setup and general configuration can be managed from a connected PC, this becomes very frustrating when simply testing and operating an integrated system. A stand-alone WP-12LRM can be set up to provide intuitive control of administrative and user system functions. When used in conjunction with a WACI NX master controller, the WP-12LRM can operate all functions of all systems on the control network.

As an integration solution, the WACI PAD removes nearly all end-user operational confusion and provides a durable, intuitive user experience. In addition to being a stand-alone controller, WACI-PAD can also be used to control Aurora’s WACI NX line of controllers. See for a flash demo of this revolutionary product.

WACI Nuggets may be the tiniest of WACI products, but they are sure to make the largest impact.

WACI Nuggets allow you to add the specific ports you need where you need them. Network friendly nuggets allow for extraordinarily flexible system design and deployment. These 4 models are Power Over Ethernet compatible and have web servers inside as well as removable storage to hold web pages. Local storage of the web pages make the nuggets capable of being stand-alone controllers!

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