The JPX Series is a JPEG2000 visually lossless HDMI over IP which allows you to simultaneously send out an HDMI Signal (1080p video with 2.1 audio, USB & RS-232) to one or more HDMI video display devices using CAT5e/6/7 Cable over a standard Ethernet infrastructure. The JPX Series can be used to distribute HD digital content from multiple sources to many destinations on a LAN. AV signals are transmitted digitally over a CAT5e/6/7 cable with visual lossless quality with low latency. Internal video compression adapts to available network bandwidth if needed. The RS-232 can be used to remotely control devices from any receiver or transmitter location. A USB signal can also be passed through with the RS-232 and HDMI signal making the JPX Series a single cable solution. Computer software is available for full control and management or the optional HJ-PXC can be used to interface with control systems or other devices via LAN. Non-Blocking Multicast IGMP capable 1G Network switch required for optimal performance. VLX Series is the replacement for the discontinued JPX Series