ReAX™ReAX™-CoreStudio Software, featuring the Core-I™ (Core Interface Creator) and Core-C™ (Core Control Creator) Tools.

ReAX™ is the industry’s first non-proprietary IP Control based on AV/IT industry standards. The name ReAX™ represents action/reaction which is the essence of control automation. ReAX™ is unique since it is not limited to a single manufacturer but to all who qualify. This is the first-time, interoperability of not just protocols and structure, but the actual code itself. It is not limited there as IR libraries, macros, and more can all be shared and organized in a single location at the organizations’ website

ReAX™ server-side operations is based on JavaScript™. This language standard is taught in schools and commonly used on most websites. Client-side operations for touch panels and web interfaces can be HTML, JavaScript™, etc. To the end user, it will appear and operate as any other control system and much more. As a result, a variety of manufacturers can offer their flavor of ReAX™. This will open new product and choices that all work in harmony. For the first time, integrators will not have to rely on proprietary training courses and the required investment of time and money. Being part of ReAX™ will allow integrators and end users to have choices; what makes sense for their installation and to choose from of a variety of manufacturers.

  • Web Page Creator for ReAX™ Controllers
  • Drag and Drop style programming
  • Easily incorporates Drop Down Menu, Sliders, and Radial Buttons
  • 2-Way Feedback Modules
  • Works with iOS and Android™ devices
  • Generates HTML Web Pages
  • Runs on all standard Web Browsers
  • Control System Event Editor
  • Drag and Drop Operations
  • Creates JavaScript™ Event Manager files
  • Speeds Development