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    10G AV over IP for virtually the same cost as 1G

    Aurora is pleased to offer special pricing for the award winning IPX Series 10G SDVoE™ AV over IP and Netgear® 10G switches with our new Simplify plug and play solution. Here is how it works: The project must be 100 end points or larger to get the special pricing. You send us the drawings and information of the Crestron®/AMX®/Extron® 1G solution and we will convert to a 10G network switch topology with IPX Series SDVoE™ solution at virtually the same cost. This applies to both copper and fiber projects.


    • Future proof infrastructure for 8K and 4K120 (1G will be 50:1 compression)
    • Full 480Mbps USB 2.0 with the 4K60 4:4:4 content (1G is not capable)
    • 1G Ethernet per drop point (1G is not capable)
    • Windowing (1G cannot do without additional hardware and is limited typically to 4)
    • Perfect image quality regardless of motion (1G has unpredictable quality issues based on content)
    • 10G wall plates (many 1G 4K60 4:4:4 solutions do not have wall plates)
    • Windowing (1G cannot do without additional hardware and is limited typically to 4)


    The Simplify package is also a preconfigured AV over IP solution. When the integrator receives the package it will be out of the box plug and play including the switch. IP address, baud rates, host names, etc. will all be done from Aurora factory including the switch configuration. Each unit will be labeled for installation saving time and money.


    The Aurora products come with a 5 year limited warranty and the Netgear® switches are limited lifetime.


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    Terms and conditions apply.  Please contact an Aurora sales representative for more info regarding this offer.