Morganville, NJ. – Aurora Multimedia now offers 6 new models of expanded WACI NX controllers. With the addition of these models and the recent launch of WACI POD, a remote port accessory, the WACI NX control system is now the most extensible IP based control system in the market.


The recent release of the NX-PAND port expansion module and the NX-DAP digital audio player has given Aurora the elements needed to offer eight master controller configurations. These new systems can either be ordered complete by part number, or existing systems may be expanded in the field by adding modular, plug-in components.


The specific control requirements of a system design determine the correct WACI NX configuration. Designers simply tally the control ports needed, then combinations of serial, relay, I/O and IR ports can be assembled to provide total control of all aspects of a centrally located system. Designers may contact Aurora for a system review and recommendations. Rapid field installation of expansion ports requires a technician to simply; check that the WACI Firmware version is 3.5, plug in the module, and tighten 4 screws. All of the added ports become available immediately.


WACI NX+ can now efficiently support very large rack systems. With 2 NX PAND units mounted, the NX+ will have a full compliment of local ports: 12 serial, 12 IR (serial and IR ports can be combined to control up to 24 unique serial devices), 12 relays and 12 DSP ports. WACI’s DSP ports are I/O ports that support both digital and analog input and output.  In conjunction with the new WACI POD remote IP port solution, a WACI NX control solution can expand to manage entire facilities and campuses. Each WACI POD unit adds 8 control ports to a control system (2 serial, 2 IR, 2 Relays, 2 I/O) by simply connecting it to the network.


Aurora Multimedia’s WACI control systems have all of the elements necessary for systems integrators to efficiently and cost-effectively deploy IP control systems.