Aurora Multimedia Corp, leading innovator of video processors and control system solutions is now showcasing the latest version of its WACI PAD controllers. The WP-12LRM is a complete control system that provides the full functionality of an interactive touch panel in a 1RU linear array of 12 tactile LCD buttons.

The WP-12LRM is the ultimate solution for local control of “faceless” rack-mounted AV gear. In an effort to lower costs many manufacturers have eliminated control panels from their products. While setup and general configuration can be managed from a connected PC, this becomes very frustrating when simply testing and operating an integrated system. A stand-alone WP-12LRM can be set up to provide intuitive control of administrative and user system functions. When used in conjunction with a WACI NX master controller, the WP-12LRM can operate all functions of all systems on the control network.

Without the complex design and programming of common graphic user interfaces seen on most touch panels, the WACI PAD series provides robust functionality in an extremely intuitive format. The apparent simplicity is deceptive in both power and functionality. The buttons change based on selection, so if a user presses the “DVD” button the buttons will all change to transport controls, and each button can support hundreds of unique instances. The unit has serial, IR, and Ethernet ports and supports power-over-Ethernet infrastructure.

In the background the internal 250 MPS web server rapidly triggers macros that may switch on a display, power up an amplifier, switch the input, dim the lights and activate the DVD “play” function. The buttons can then become: lighting dimmer controls, volume controls, transport controls, etc.

As an integration solution, the WACI PAD removes nearly all end-user operational confusion and provides a durable, intuitive user experience. In addition to being a stand-alone controller, WACI-PAD can also be used to control Aurora’s WACI NX line of controllers. See for a flash demo of this revolutionary product.