Aurora Multimedia has released the latest version of its free GUI creation tool. YIPI is software designed to help AV integrators create graphic control pages for automated environments, and it will be a valuable tool for both sales and engineering departments. The newest version, YIPI 3, is currently available to qualified integrators.

While many large systems integrators have embraced the non-proprietary, non platform specific WACI NX control system with excitement, others simply want an easier and less costly way to program systems. YIPI (Your IP Interface) is designed to provide the solution for both.

The new YIPI supports robust 2-way communication, but is was not the only improvement. In fact, YIPI 3 bears almost no resemblance to its predecessor. Loaded with complete graphics tools and button resources, YIPI 3 has few limitations. The most important feature is that YIPI exports generic web code called AJAX that can be edited with many web authoring tools and can be used with nearly any system platform. Button images are dropped onto pages and assigned commands that “speak” directly to a WACI controller. Buttons can deliver either individual commands or call events from a WACI NX, which can then send multiple commands through many different control ports. YIPI provides direct control for; serial, IR, relay, I/O connections, and can trigger complex macros by using named events within WACI NX’s built-in Event Manager.

The files that YIPI produces are standard web files that can be launched from any web browser. This means that integrators can actually show live demos of touch panel interfaces on a laptop or PC, and customers can experience the interactivity of the system before it is installed. The exported files can also be modified and edited outside the YIPI 3 program.

Integrators will create spectacular WACI interfaces using the new YIPI, yet it is a tool designed to help them become better acquainted with WACI NX controllers. Once integrators experience the incredible flexibility and potential of the system, they will want to create applications that will set them apart from competitors that use legacy control platforms.

To obtain a copy of YIPI 3, please visit the YIPI 3 forum and click on the link to register.