Aurora Multimedia Corp. Aurora Newsletter
June 9th 2015
IN THIS ISSUE: IPBaseT introduced at InfoComm – IPX Series Transcoders

IPBaseT introduced at InfoComm – Booth 3059

What is IPBaseT?
Aurora’s IPBaseT™ technology combines 4K uncompressed video with zero-latency seamless switching, video wall and multiviewer modes, digital audio, USB 2.0, Ethernet, and control. Utilizing the bandwidth of a standard 10G copper or fiber network, IPBaseT supports a large, seamless UHD video and audio matrix, and it does so while replacing multiple technologies and products with a single-box distributed platform. The days of needing a separate AV switcher, control system, video-wall processor, audio/DSP converter, and more are a thing of the past!

What is a transceiver?
A transceiver is a single unit that can be configured as a transmitter (input) or a receiver (output). This allows for the following benefits over a traditional TX/RX based system:

  • Ease of ordering – no need to worry about ordering pairs, just order as many transceivers as you need for your total inputs and outputs combined
  • Simplified inventory – stock one SKU, and rapidly deploy to a job without worrying about the number of TX and RX units required
  • Rapid toubleshoooting – quickly swap transceivers to troubleshoot a problem, even if the nearest transceiver is configured as the opposite mode (use an RX unit to troubleshoot a TX issue by simply changing the mode)
  • Dynamic configurations – programatically change the TX/RX mode of a unit on the fly to allow for flexible room configurations

IPX Series Transceivers

With the IPX series transceivers, audio, video, data, and control can be sent securely to one or many units using off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet switches. When the IPX-TC1 is set up to be a transmitter, the 2 HDMI inputs become a source switch and the HDMI output becomes a potential loop out. When set up as a receiver, a user can select the local HDMI inputs or an IP source. Seamless switching of the sources further enhances the presentation. Regardless of how the IPX-TC1 is set up, the audio can be de-embedded at any location.

IPX-TC1F (10G fiber)

IPX-TC1C (10G copper)


To keep the system friendly, a customizable OSD and web server are available to be programmed as required. For RJ-45 LAN devices, the 1G Ethernet port allows full bandwidth end-to-end over the IPX-TC1 10G connection.

Choice is important. That’s why the IPX-TC1 has an SFP+ port that can use single or multi-mode fiber – making the IPX-TC1 the ultimate AV IP product on the market today.

  • IPBaseT tranceiver – one unit can be configured as a transmitter (encoder) or receiver (decoder)
  • 4K with zero compression and zero latency
  • Available for 10G fiber or 10G copper networks
  • Two HDMI inputs, one HDMI output
  • 128×128 w/HDCP distributed routing (nearly unlimited scalability without HDCP)
  • Seamless and breakaway switching
  • Video wall capabilities
  • Built in control system with web server for display and source control
  • Dante® IP audio and ExtremeUSB® (USB 2.0 480Mbps) options
  • Available in surface/rack-mountable (IPX-TC1) or
    wall plate (IPX-TCW3) versions
  • IPX-TCW3 available in white or black

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