Aurora Multimedia has partnered with Perrine Holdings, LLC to allow teachers across the country to implement tomorrow’s teaching capabilities today. Recognizing the need for “ease-of-use” technology in the classroom, the CLASSPAC Cart utilizes the latest presentation and automation technology to enhance the teaching experience. At the core of this configurable cart is the Aurora control system. The control can be in the form of a dynamic LCD button pad (WPAD-6L), 3.5″ color touch screen (NXT-350), or 4.7″ color touch screen (NXT-470). All devices are LAN/WAN accessible for remote control via web browsers. Virtually any device with a web browser (ex. iPAD, iPhone, PC) can control the CLASSPAC Cart locally or afar. In addition to the control system a typical cart configuration can consist of a document camera, computer, wireless voice lift microphone, amplifier, speakers, annotation, and auxiliary inputs. Since the cart is mobile, it can be moved just about anywhere and can easily be disconnected from the room via the CLASSPAC Cart’s umbilical cable.

Through the use of Aurora’s TRACS server software, all rooms can be monitored for projector lamp hours, lighting, power states, room usage (door sensors or motion detectors), or just about any device that can be controlled. TRACS can also send system alerts via e-mail or browser or remote alarms when changes occur.

The teaching community is not the only group of professionals praising the classroom application. CTO’s, CFO’s and IT Directors are finding the overall solution to be the most cost effective way to scale beyond tomorrow! Take control of your classroom, as well as, the allocation of your resources today and contact an Aurora sales representative to learn more.

Key Features:

  • Aurora NXT-350, NXT-470,or WPAD-6L Control Panel
  • Document Camera
  • Multimedia PC
  • LCD Preview Monitor
  • Voice Lift System
  • Powered Speakers
  • Expandable
  • Optional TRACS Classroom Management Server