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March 31 st 2015
IN THIS ISSUE: DXW Family with Display Control

Simple yet Powerful A/V Switching and Control for Collaboration Rooms


Collaboration rooms need to be easy and simple allowing all that enter the ability to utilize the room. That’s why Aurora’s DXW-2 One Room – One Cable™ kits offer display control embedded in the wall plate. Simply connect your computer to either the VGA or HDMI inputs and the DXW Wall Plate will automatically turn the display ON. When you are done with the meeting simply disconnect the computer or video device from the wall plate and we will turn the display off after a user-defined amount of time (30 sec, 5 min etc…). Front panel buttons can also be used for display control allowing flexibility in user integration.

Simplicity at its best. One Room – One Cable™

  • Made in USA
  • Hot-plug auto switch VGA/HDMI/DiplayPort
  • User-Programmable for Auto Display ON/OFF or Source Selection
  • Programmable using DXI Programmer software (free download)
  • Decora® style for integrated look in conference/classrooms
  • Embeds audio on all inputs for use with any laptop
  • AWV (audio without video feature) for playing audio only through system
  • 1.4″ deep with right angle RJ45 – fits in narrow floor boxes
  • Available in black or white. Also available with Ethernet, USB2.0 and DisplayPort

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DXW Family3 models, Ethernet and USB options, available in black or white