Aurora has a complete line of in-wall / podium / rack mount touch panels in a variety of sizes and colors to control just about any AV and environmental equipment on the market. What makes our panels different is the added value of having control ports and a full control system built in without the need for additional remote units. Currently we offer 3.5", 4.7", 7", 10.1" and the all new 13.3". The 7", 10.1" and 13.3" are available with video preview option for composite, S-Video, YPbPr, RGB, and HDMI.  All panels have unlimited port expandability and have built in web servers to work with iPads, iPhones, Android based devices, computers, or just about anything with a web browser. Tools are available for free (YIPI & WOWE) for content creation and programming. For multi-room installs we offer TRACS which is an global asset management software designed to run on Linux, Windows, and OS X. Best of all is the pricing. By combining these technologies into a complete all in one solution, it is the most cost effective control product with superior capabilities compared to other market offerings. 
For more info on the NXT Series click here.

NXT Series Touch panels with Integrated Control

NXT-1010V Front 300pix  NXT-1010 Rear 300px

NXT-350 White FrontNXT-350 Rear White2NXT-470 White FrontNXT-470 Rear White

Small (NXT-350, NXT-470)
The NXT-350 (3.5") is designed to fit in standard 2 gang electrical boxes while the NXT-470 (4.7")fits in standard 3 gang electrical boxes. Both these models have one LAN, two serial ports, one IR, one I/O, audio line in/out, USB memory expansion, and a front IR remote receiver.

Medium (NXT-700)
The NXT-700 (7") is a nice balance of control ports and screen size. This model has two LAN,  two serial (RS-232/422/485 Capable), two IR (1 way serial), two relay (C-Type), two I/O, audio line in/out, Micro SD (expandable to 16GB), IR learner, and front IR Receiver (40ft reception). 

Large (NXT-1010)
The NXT-1010 (10.1") has all the same features of the NXT-700 but with a large 10.1" screen for the extra room sometimes required for more complex systems. The screen has an 80/80 degree viewing angle and a high resolution of 1280 x 800. 

Extra Large (NXT-1330)
The NXT-1330 (13.3") has all the same features of the NXT-1010 but with a extra large 13.3" screen for plenty of buttons or maybe just one ridiculously large button. The screen has a high resolution of 1280 x 800 and brightness of nearly 400nits. 

NXT-1010V RearVideo Previewing Models
The NXT-700V, NXT-1010V, and NXT-1330V have a full scaler built in for previewing of HDMI, RGBHV, YPbPr, S-Video, and Composite sources and can handle resolutions up to 1080p. In addition, it has special effects like transulcent PIP and side by side preview. 

 For more info on the NXT Series click here.