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WACI Nugget Serial

The WACI Nugget Serial is a fully functional stand-alone IP-to-serial remote access controller with internal web server. In addition, it functions as a remote expansion port for the WACI series of IP-based control systems.

Featuring an RS-232/422/485 port, a POE capable LAN port, and a MicroSD card slot, the WACI Nugget Serial is the ideal solution for providing LAN based control for serial devices.

Software tools are available for free once logged into the customer portal. YIPI is a software tool to create a user interface that is only limited by your imagination. 

TRACS Global Asset Management software is available for larger installs to control, report, schedule, and alert a facility or multiple facilities with an easy to use centralized web based typology.

  • Low cost remote IP control
  • Internal web server for storing control pages and other media
  • Seamless integration with the WACI series of IP control system
  • Extremely small form factor and power over Ethernet capability allows for mounting in tight locations, with only a single cable run required
Processor 32 bit ARM Processor
LAN 10/100 Ethernet with Auto-MDX
Power over Ethernet Yes
Power 12V 1.25A
Storage MicroSD up to 4GB expansion for web pages to be served up and firmware upgrades
Status Status LED
Setup Built-in setup web pages
Control Ports (1) RS-232 / 422 / 485 port with baud rates up to 115KB
3.37" x 2.81" x 1" [86 x 71 x 25mm]

Optional Accessories

12v DC 15.6 Watt Power Supply Available in 4 models. Note model shown is North America (USA) bladed version. PS0079-1-US (North America) PS0079-1-EU (Europe) PS0079-1-...