WOWE (WACI Offline WEM Editor) is a free drag and drop software tool to program the WACI NX / QX series of control products. Now in addition to the web server based event manager integrated into all NX / QX products for real-time programming, WOWE allows for offline programming anywhere anytime without being connected to the system. You can create an Event Manager page in WOWE, create a control interface in YIPI 3, and load the files when your WACI gets delivered to you or when you go to the site.

Our goal was to make the WOWE as easy as an Event Manager so everyone even without any programming experience could easily use it. With WOWE you can create new projects or import an existing WEM file downloaded from the WACI NX, modify it, and later export it and transfer to your controller.

Easy Drag & Drop programming with the same Event and Action options as on the Event Manager should be intuitive and fast for all current WACI integrators as well as for people who just start their experience with WACI.

WOWE is available for easy programming of the NX / QX Series via the customer portal.

  • Free WACI Offline WEM Editor Application for use with the WACI NX & QX series of control systems
  • Runs on PC with JAVA
  • Generates Event Manager WEM file which can be loaded on different WACI controllers
  • Drag and Drop operations
  • Intuitive design