The WACI NX+ E1 provides 7 serial ports, 8 relays, 8 DSPs, and 8 IR ports.

The specific control requirements of a system design determine the correct WACI NX configuration. Designers simply tally the control ports needed, then combinations of serial, relay, I/O and IR ports can be assembled to provide total control of all aspects of a centrally located system. Designers may contact Aurora for a system review and recommendations. Rapid field installation of expansion ports requires a technician to simply; check that the WACI Firmware version is up-to-date, plug in the module, and tighten 4 screws. All of the added ports become available immediately.

Software tools are available for free once logged into the customer portal. YIPI is a software tool to create a user interface that is only limited by your imagination. WOWE is a drag and drop code creator to take control of just about anything with ease.

TRACS Global Asset Management software is available for larger installs to control, report, schedule, and alert a facility or multiple facilities with an easy to use centralized web based typology.

  • Systems can be designed to control up to 39 devices from on-board hardware ports plus unlimited Ethernet devices, all from one very compact unit. WACI can support the simplicity of the most powerful universal IR remote in the world, or it can be the heart of a complex, networked, worldwide asset management and control system
  • No other control system on the market offers this combination of features in a compact, cost effective package.
  • Greater expandability offers more flexibility (including secure wireless connectivity)
  • Each WACI unit contains its own resources preventing slow performance and bottlenecks caused by shared systems.
  • Integrates with the entire WACI control system series (including the WACI NX expansion bus add-on packs and IPF network expansion modules)
  • The WACI NX expansion bus allows hard disk storage, battery backup features, streaming audio/video, and additional ports
  • True platform-independent operation and a wide range of OS compatibility (including with multiple OS simultaneous access across a common network)
  • Programming is as easy as writing web pages with off-the-shelf content creation applications such as Adobe Flash, HTML, DHTML, SOAP, XML, CGI, RPC, and Visual Basic
  • Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers
  • Pre-configure and test equipment, control or monitor connectivity using the built-in diagnostics and advanced event manager before writing any code
  • Server side operation means that no dedicated server is required and that no special applications need to be installed on your PC to access the WACI control system. Built-in network security features (including encryption and password protected multiple access levels with intelligent remote telnet capabilities)
  • Included 2 IR Emitters
General Specifications
Processor 900MIPS
Memory 64MB 500DDR
Flash memory 64MB
Maximum Flash 4GB
IR Learner (1) IR Learner
Display OLED 96x64 Pixels
LAN (2) 10/100T LAN Ports with Auto MDX and Auto Polarity
Serial (7) 2-way RS-232 ports
IR (8) IR/serial/1-way RS-232 outputs,(1) IR input
DSP (8) DSP ports: TTL In/Out and analog inputs and outputs -5V to + 5V
Relays (8) isolated low-voltage relays C-Type 24VDC @1A
Expansion ports (1) High-speed, 2.1Gb/s card slot,(1) USB On-the-Go Port,(1) compact flash Type II slot for memory
Power 12V 1.25A 5.5Watts
Size 5.8" x 4.9" x 1.7"[14.73 x 12.45 x 4.32 cm]
Weight 0.568lbs [258g]

Included Accessories

Single IR Emitter - 12Ft. Length...
12v DC 15.6 Watt Power Supply Available in 4 models. Note model shown is North America (USA) bla...

Optional Accessories

3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 3-TX 2-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
IR receiver extension cable. Compatible with IPX/VLX, QX and NX series, and V-Tune Pro HD....
The WRK-1 is a 4RU rack mounting solution for the WACI NX series of IP control systems and the WACI PAD LCD button controllers. With two openings, you can customize the WRK-1 to ac...
Right Angle Bracket for WACI NX+ and WACI NX Jr....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 2-TX 3 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 3-TX 2 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 2-TX 3-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
Single IR Emitter - 12Ft. Length...