The WACI NX+ E2 provides WACI NX Controller with 12 Serial Ports, 12 Relays, 12 IR/RS-232TX Ports, and 12 DSP I/O ports.

The specific control requirements of a system design determine the correct WACI NX configuration. Designers simply tally the control ports needed, then combinations of serial, relay, I/O and IR ports can be assembled to provide total control of all aspects of a centrally located system. Designers may contact Aurora for a system review and recommendations. Rapid field installation of expansion ports requires a technician to simply; check that the WACI Firmware version is up-to-date, plug in the module, and tighten 4 screws. All of the added ports become available immediately.

Software tools are available for free once logged into the customer portal. YIPI is a software tool to create a user interface that is only limited by your imagination. WOWE is a drag and drop code creator to take control of just about anything with ease.

TRACS Global Asset Management software is available for larger installs to control, report, schedule, and alert a facility or multiple facilities with an easy to use centralized web based typology.

  • Control up to 60 unique devices from this single unit. Flexible use of IR ports as 1-way RS-232 allows for the control of effective combinations of IR and RS-232 serial devices. WACI can support the simplicity of the most powerful universal IR remote in the world, or it can be the heart of a complex, networked, worldwide asset management and control system
  • No other control system on the market offers this combination of features in a compact, cost effective package.
  • Greater expandability offers more flexibility (including secure wireless connectivity)
  • Each WACI unit contains its own resources preventing slow performance and bottlenecks caused by shared systems.
  • Integrates with the entire WACI control system series (including the WACI NX expansion bus add-on packs and IPF network expansion modules)
  • The WACI NX expansion bus allows hard disk storage, battery backup features, streaming audio/video, and additional ports
  • True platform-independent operation and a wide range of OS compatibility (including with multiple OS simultaneous access across a common network)
  • Programming is as easy as writing web pages with off-the-shelf content creation applications such as Adobe Flash, HTML, DHTML, SOAP, XML, CGI, RPC, and Visual Basic
  • Compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers
  • Pre-configure and test equipment, control or monitor connectivity using the built-in diagnostics and advanced event manager before writing any code
  • Server side operation means that no dedicated server is required and that no special applications need to be installed on your PC to access the WACI control system. Built-in network security features (including encryption and password protected multiple access levels with intelligent remote telnet capabilities)
  • Included 2 IR Emitters
General Specifications
Processor 900MIPS
Memory 64MB 500DDR
Flash memory 64MB
Maximum Flash 4GB
IR Learner (1) IR Learner
Display OLED 96x64 Pixels
LAN (2) 10/100T LAN Ports with Auto MDX and Auto Polarity
Serial (12) 2-way RS-232 ports
IR (12) IR/serial/1-way RS-232 outputs,(1) IR input
DSP (12) DSP ports: TTL In/Out and analog inputs and outputs -5V to + 5V
Relays (12) isolated low-voltage relays C-Type 24VDC @1A
Expansion ports (1) High-speed, 2.1Gb/s card slot,(1) USB On-the-Go Port,(1) compact flash Type II slot for memory
Power 12V 1.25A 5.5Watts
Size 5.8" x 4.9" x 2.5" [14.73 x 12.45 x 6.35 cm]
Weight 0.568lbs [258g]

Included Accessories

12v DC 15.6 Watt Power Supply Available in 4 models. Note model shown is North America (USA) bla...
Single IR Emitter - 12Ft. Length...

Optional Accessories

3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 3-TX 2-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 2-TX 3-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 3-TX 2 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 2-TX 3 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
Right Angle Bracket for WACI NX+ and WACI NX Jr....
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Dual IR Emitter for use with the QX and NX series of control systems....
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