Aurora_ASP-VTHS_photo-3D (Rev. Oct2013; mid-def; IsometricView-F)
Aurora_ASP-VTHS_photo-3D (Rev. Oct2013; mid-def; IsometricView-R)
Aurora_ASP-VTHS_photo-3D (Rev. Oct2013; mid-def; TopView)
Aurora_ASP-VTHS_photo-3D (Rev.2 Jun2013; mid-def; FrontView)
Aurora_ASP-VTHS_photo-3D (Rev.3 Sep2013; mid-def; RearView)


The ASP-VTHS VGA & audio to HDMI Scaler Converter offers an easy approach for converting analog PC (VGA) with either digital audio (S/PDIF) or analog stereo audio to digital HDMI. Utilizing the ASP-VTHS, VGA based devices such as a PC with S/PDIF or analog stereo audio can be converted so it can connect to your HDMI TV, matrix, splitter, or just about any HDMI device on the market. With such convenience, presentations, demonstrations, or digital signage become easier and more cost effective in situations that do not allow for analog signals to be utilized.

  • IR remote control
  • Remote control via Mini-USB
  • OSD control interface
  • Maximum pixel rate : 165MHz
  • S/PDIF & Stereo input supported
  • Deinterlacer supported
  • Supports nosie reduction and video enhancement features
  • Over / under scanning adjustable
  • Video H/V mirror supported
  • Active video area adjustment supported
  • USB firmware upgradable for expanding compatibility
  • Wall-mount housing design for easy installation