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4x4 Scaler Matrix Processor with USB Capture Output


The DIDO X4 is the most advanced 4x4 scaler on the market. The input card slot provides 3 choices of  cards depending on the application needs. These inputs can be routed to any of the four HDMI outputs  with a quad scaler processor and advanced features. These features consist of contrast edge blending for  side-by-side projectors, 1 degree image rotation for portrait and jigsaw puzzle mode videowalls, chroma  keying for overlaying of sources on top of others, vector scope and pattern generation for signal integrity  diagnosing, Seamless switching and windowing opens new possibilities and the bitmap OSD engine can  enhance content on input and outputs. Another amazing feature is the built in USB 3.1 capture output for  a PC making interfacing to Zoom Rooms, Teams, etc. even easier. 

Control can be sent securely to the 1G Ethernet port. The RS-232 & IR ports allow for local device control  of displays and other equipment.

 Choice is important. That’s why the DIDO X4 is the ultimate Unified Communication product on the   market today. 


The DIDO X4 is many devices in one product providing not just the ultimate experience but the ultimate value.

Here is why: 

1. Video Effects Processor (Contrast Edge Blending, Chroma Keying, Image Rotation, Bitmap OSD)
2. Windowing up to 4 sources locally to any of the 4 outputs
3. Videowall Processor with 1 Degree Image Rotation
4. Audio DSP with Dante
5. Diagnostic Tools (Vector Scope, Waveform Analyzer, Histogram, Pattern Generator)
6. USB 3.1 Capture Output for a Computer (Zoom Room, Teams, WebEx, etc.)