DXE-CAT-RX3 Front Top Angle


HDBT_HDMI LogosThe DXE-CAT-RX3, DXE-CAT-RX3-A, DXE-CAT-RX3C & DXE-CAT-RX3C-A are a part of the growing Digital Xtreme Series. This product is different than the typical CAT extender found on the market today as it not only breaks the price barrier but the feature and usability aspects as well. Rear mounted connectors provide for a clean professional installation. The DXE-CAT-RX3 Series is designed to complement the Digital Xtreme Series of HDBaseT transmitters such as the DXW-2 Series HDBaseT wall plates, DXE-CAT-TX1, DXE-CAT-TX2, DXM Matrixes, etc. The built in relays are perfect for screen control and the audio amplifier versions (2×35 Watt) will fill the room with sound when used with the Aurora SKR-22T 360&deg sound field ceiling tile speaker. A low cost, highly integrated solution for rolling carts, podiums, and credenzas is possible with the DXE-CAT family. Going the distance: HDBaseT technology, with a single CAT cable, allows the DXE-CAT to operate up to 330ft 1080p 60Hz 48bit color depth, 500ft 1080p 60Hz 24bit (CAT 6), or 600ft 1080p 60Hz 24bit (CAT 6A Shielded) depending on transmitter model. In addition, the RS-232, IR, & LAN can be sent over the same cable bi-directionally.

Available Versions:  
DXE-CAT-RX3   (No IP Control / No Audio Amplifier)
DXE-CAT-RX3-A   (Integrated Audio Amplifier as shown in above image.)
DXE-CAT-RX3C   (Integrated IP control module)
DXE-CAT-RX3C-A   (Integrated IP control module & Audio Amplifier)



  • Receives HDMI up to 600ft (183m)
  • 2x35 Watt Amplifier ("-A" Version)
  • Differential Line Input / Output for Audio Mixing & HDMI Audio De-Embedding
  • Volume Control
  • Audio Functions Remotely Controlled via Transmitter Unit or Optional IP
  • IP Control Engine (C Version)
  • Bi-directional RS-232, & IR & LAN
  • Two Relays for Screen Control
  • Rear Mounted Connectors for Clean Installation
  • Status LED for All Connections on Front
Max Distance 600ft
Max Resolution 1080p 60Hz
Color Depth 48bit 330ft (CAT5e)24bit 600ft(CAT6A)
HDMI 1.4 3D
Dimensions 215mm x 97mm x 33mm [8.46"L x 3.82"W x 1.3"H]
Weight 2 lbs
Power supply 24V 24 Watt or 24V 90 Watt DC (Required on amplifier models)
Mounting Wall Mount
Operation temperature 0~40°C [32~104°F]

Optional Accessories

3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 3-TX 2 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
Dual IR Emitter for use with the QX and NX series of control systems....
IR receiver extension cable. Compatible with IPX/VLX, QX and NX series, and V-Tune Pro HD....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 2-TX 3 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 2-TX 3-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
Single IR Emitter - 12Ft. Length...
24v DC 90 Watt Power Supply....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 3-TX 2-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....