DX Interface

Digital Xtreme Interface (DXI) Software allows you to easily program your DXB-8 and DXW-2 series wall plates to control your connected devices via RS-232. Simply fill in the serial commands for press, release, hold/repeat (DXB only), and press both (DXW only), define the button colors, and press ‘Send’ to program the device via a local serial port. Advanced options such as toggling commands and back lights (DXB), and timed commands (DXW) are also available.

DXI also allows you to save your configuration to a file, allowing the configuration to be portable and editable.

DX Interface is available for easy programming of the DXB-8 via the customer portal.

  • Easy programming
  • Save or Load settings for easy cloning or modifications at a later time
  • Works on any computer with a RS-232 port