RXC-1 ReAX Control SystemThe RXC-1 is a stand-alone control system built on the ReAX™ operating system. This Linux based OS has been engineering from the ground up to provide a robust and flexible control system platform, based on Aurora’s years of experience in the control industry.

As with all Aurora control systems, the RXC is a web based control system. Custom programming and GUIs created with our free ReAX™ Core Studio software get loaded in to the built-in web server, allowing virtually any device with a web browser to display the GUI and control the system. Examples include PC browsers, dedicated touch panels like the Aurora RXT series tablets, smart phones and more.

The small size and flexible architecture allows the RXC to be used as a full standalone controller, an expansion controller, or a hybrid of the 2. This allows for a distributed control network – place control ports right where they are needed in your system rather than long cable runs from a central location.

RXC controllers have a full complement of LAN, RS-232, relay, I/O, and IR ports for controlling external devices. An IR receiver enables the internal IR learner – no extra hardware required. In addition to network control and access to the GUI and configuration web pages, the LAN port is also capable of power over Ethernet (PoE), eliminating the need for an additional power supply.

  • Stand-alone web-based control processor with the latest ReAX™ engine
  • Allows for scheduling, automation, & system-wide control
  • Custom control GUIs
  • Programmable with Aurora's free tools
  • Powered via 48v power supply or PoE
  • 1 LAN port with PoE PD
  • 1 RS-232 port
  • 2 SPDT relays
  • 2 I/Os
  • 2 IR outputs
  • 1 IR receiver
H x W x D 29mm x 151mm x 90mm

Optional Accessories

48v DC 24 Watt PoE Gigabit Power Supply Injector Available in 4 models. PS0081-1-US (North America) PS0081-1-EU (Europe) PS0081-1-AU (Australia) PS0081-1-UK (United ...
48V 25 Watt Wall Supply Available in -US, -AU, - EU, and -UK worldwide models....
Single IR Emitter - 12Ft. Length...
IR receiver extension cable. Compatible with IPX/VLX, QX and NX series, and V-Tune Pro HD....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 2-TX 3 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to FEMALE DB9 3-TX 2 For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 2-TX 3-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
3.5mm TRS to MALE DB9 3-TX 2-R For RS232 applications with IPX, VLX, DXE, HTE Series Products....
RK1-4-K is a 4RU Rack Mount Kit for HTE and RXC Series, that holds 11 Units. Includes 5 Blanks....
RK1-1-K is a 1RU Dual Rack Mount Kit for HTX-TX2 & HTE-RX2 Units. Comes with one blank for single mounting and four rails....