Control Solutions


ReAX control processor with maximum serial, relay, I/O, IR, and Ethernet control ports


The RXC-4 is a Quad Core IP Control System, ideal for conference rooms, educational facilities, digital signage and more. With full Web Server capabilities, the RXC-4 can serve up Web Control Pages to any iPad®/Android™/Microsoft® tablet or web browsing device ensuring an enhanced user experience. The RXC-4 has a variety of on-board Ports to control many different types of equipment such as but not limited to Serial Ports for devices like projectors, IR Ports for BluRay players, relays for screen or shade control, and I/O Ports for door and motion sensor devices. Of course the dual-port 1Gbps LAN is accessible for TCP/IP, HTTP Post, UDP and Telnet Control of virtually unlimited amount of Ethernet based AV devices.