The SKR-22T & SKR-22T-XFR are the latest speaker innovation from Aurora. This 25 Watt light weight speaker delivers clear sound with fidelity not normally found on typical ceiling speakers. Its ability to reproduce 360 degree sound field allows the use of only one speaker in a room for mono operation. Installation is quick, less costly, and less messy as there is no cutting of ceiling tiles or back boxes to mount.  Just drop the tile into a 2x2 ceiling grid, connect the speaker wire and you are done.  For 4x2 ceiling grids all that is required is to cut the tile in half and add a standard ceiling divider. Two mounting eyelets are available on the rear for additional securing of the product when needed. With the full range of audio not only do presenters sound clear and crisp but the presentation material is produced with missing the lows or the highs compared to the typical 5" - 6" round ceiling speakers. When used with Aurora amplifiers found in the DXE-CAT-RX3 the amplified audio is clear and noise free with the 96% efficient Class D amplification. Available in 4 Ohm model (SKR-22T) or 70v / 100v model (SKR-22T-XFR).