Aurora Multimedia Launches 'The Consultant's Corner': The Ultimate Newsletter for AV Design Innovation

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26 Jan 2024

Aurora Multimedia launches 'The Consultant's Corner' newsletter, a resource-packed platform offering AV consultants exclusive product insights, technical knowledge, and real-world applications to revolutionize AV design and stay at the industry's forefront.

Aurora Multimedia announces the launch of 'The Consultant's Corner,' an exclusive newsletter designed to serve as a key resource for AV technology consultants. This newsletter promises to bring a wealth of knowledge and innovation directly to the fingertips of industry professionals who are keen on revolutionizing their design projects and staying ahead in a competitive market.

Introducing 'The Consultant's Corner': A Gateway to AV Mastery

'The Consultant's Corner' is more than just a newsletter—it is a comprehensive guide created for those who shape the world through AV design. Every issue is packed with valuable content tailored to inspire and inform consultants about the latest developments and possibilities within the industry.

What's Inside 'The Consultant's Corner'?

  • Product Updates: Subscribers will receive exclusive previews of Aurora Multimedia's latest products, gaining insights into the technology that distinguishes Aurora in the marketplace.
  • Release Dates: Keep informed with a calendar of upcoming product launches to ensure you are always one step ahead.
  • Technical Deep Dives: The newsletter provides in-depth knowledge about the technologies driving Aurora's cutting-edge solutions, enabling consultants to fully harness these innovations in their projects.
  • Case Studies: Learn from real-life implementations that demonstrate the tangible benefits and enhanced user experiences delivered by Aurora Multimedia products in various settings.

Why Subscribe to 'The Consultant's Corner'?

By subscribing to 'The Consultant's Corner,' consultants are poised to unlock a treasure trove of ideas and applications in AV design. This newsletter is the golden key for those aiming to elevate spaces, whether it be a high-tech corporate boardroom or a dynamic city council chamber, ensuring they meet the evolving demands of today’s users.

Elevate Your Designs with Aurora Multimedia

'The Consultant's Corner' is more than a subscription; it's an entry point into a community of pioneering consultants who are actively molding the future of AV technology. This newsletter invites you to convert potential into achievement and imagination into reality.

Join 'The Consultant's Corner' by Aurora Multimedia and empower your designs with unmatched innovation and expertise. Subscribe today and transform tomorrow’s possibilities into today's breakthroughs.

Contact Information

For further information e-mail [email protected] or call 732-591-5800.

About Aurora Multimedia:

Aurora Multimedia products incorporate state-of-the-art technologies that surpass typical specifications and features. From the introduction of the industry’s first non-proprietary, Web-standards-based IP control systems and touch panels, to today’s advanced HDBaseT™, SDVoE™, and IPBaseT® video distribution solutions – has made Aurora a dominant force in the AV industry. Advanced AV processors with scaling, multi-image rotation, and dual/quad display processing only add to our highly adaptive, diversified product line. Aurora provides solutions for a variety of global markets, including government, education, security, hospitality, corporate, and house of worship.

Marketing Contact: [email protected] 

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