rAVe Pubs Highlights Aurora Multimedia's Innovative TPG-8K at ISE 2024, Introducing Two-Way SDVoE Capability

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1 Feb 2024

During rAVe Pubs’ extensive coverage of ISE 2024, Paul Harris showcased the versatility and power of the TPG-8K.

Aurora Multimedia has once again set a new standard in the AV over IP industry, as revealed at ISE 2024. The company's latest innovation, the TPG-8K, is a state-of-the-art test pattern generator and analyzer capable of handling 8K resolution. This revolutionary device, as introduced by Paul Harris, President & CEO of Aurora Multimedia, is the first of its kind to incorporate SDVoE technology, allowing for bi-directional use.

Aurora Multimedia's TPG-8K: Pioneering Performance and Precision

During rAVe Pubs’ extensive coverage of ISE 2024, Paul Harris showcased the versatility and power of the TPG-8K. This all-in-one solution boasts a suite of features designed for the rigorous demands of the AV over IP sector. It is equipped with integrated speakers for audio analysis, Power over Ethernet (PoE) for remote powering capabilities, and an enduring battery life for sustained performance.

Innovative Design for Rack Mounting and Content Viewing

The TPG-8K's practical design allows for rack mounting, providing a seamless fit into any professional setup. The device features a screen that enables users to view content and conduct detailed analyses, elevating the standard for test pattern generators in the industry.

Patent-Pending Technology for Measuring Latency and Frame Loss

A highlight of the TPG-8K is its patent-pending test pattern, uniquely designed to measure latency and frame drops in AV over IP systems. This feature empowers users to verify the performance of network switches and detect any issues, ensuring optimal system functionality.

User-Friendly Interface with Educational Help Menu

Understanding the complexities of test patterns, Aurora Multimedia has incorporated an informative help menu within the TPG-8K. With the simple press of an info button, users can learn the purpose of each test pattern, making this tool not only powerful but also accessible for professionals of all skill levels.


Paul Harris concluded his presentation by inviting attendees and viewers to explore the TPG-8K further on Aurora Multimedia’s website. This new device is poised to become an essential tool for AV over IP system testing and analysis.

As the industry continues to move towards higher resolutions and more complex networked AV systems, the TPG-8K stands as a testament to Aurora Multimedia's commitment to innovation, quality, and the future of AV technology.

For more information on the TPG-8K and other Aurora Multimedia products, please visit [Aurora Multimedia's Website].

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