4K60 4:4:4 4x2 HDMI Matrix with USB 3.1 Capture, RS-232, IR, and CEC control, and Dante audio option


The ASP-42 is a 4K60 4x2 HDMI 2.0 matrix with USB 3.1 capture. The USB mirrors the second output so a PC can be connected for any of the 4 inputs to be available to the PC. To further round out the product, the ASP-42 has RS-232, IR, and CEC control. Audio is important so in addition to the analog audio output, the unit has a Dante option capable of 2 or 8 channel. The LAN port allows for IP control and serves up internal control pages. The inputs can be set for auto sense or selection can be controlled through the LAN or front buttons. Perfect for Zoom™, WebEx™, and Teams™ rooms, the ASP-42 is the ultimate all in one cost effective solution.