IPX SERIES IPX-TC3-RAILThe IPX-RK3-MT-K are mounting rails for use with IPX-TC3 Rack Mount Kits IPX-RK3-1-K and IPX-RK3-5-K.

    Optional Accessories

    IPX-RK3-1-K is a 1RU Dual Rack Mount Kit for IPX-TC3 Units. Includes one blank (IPX-RK3-BK-K) for single mounting and 4 rails (IPX-RK3-MT-1)....
    IPX-RK3-5-K is a 5RU Rack Mount Kit that holds 12 IPX-TC3 Units. Includes 24 rails (IPX-RK3-MT-K) and 6 blanks (IPX-RK3-BK-K)....