AV over IP


3rd gen. 4K 10Gbps SDVoE AV-over-IP transceiver 3-gang wall plate (ASIC model, fiber version, white or black)


The IPX-TC3A-WP3-Pro provides one of the most advanced IP Streaming solutions on the market utilizing SDVoE technology. It is the industry’s first 4K2K transceiver with zero compression (4K60 4:2:0, 4K30 4:4:4), lossless compression (4K60 4:4:4), and zero frame latency based on BlueRiver NT+ platform. Using a transmitter (encoder) and receiver (decoder), respectively, used to be the standard – until now. The IPX can be set up as either one to make installation, inventory, and troubleshooting easier. Another industry first is the option slot to add other IP capabilities, like ExtremeUSB® (USB 2.0 over IP) or Dante® audio, for a more complete, distributed system.

Audio, video, data, and control can be sent securely to one or many units using off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet switches. When the IPX is set up to be a transmitter, the 2 HDMI inputs become a source switch and the HDMI output becomes a potential loop out. When set up as a receiver, a user can select the local HDMI inputs or an IP source. Seamless switching of the sources further enhances the presentation. Regardless of how the IPX is set up, the audio can be de-embedded at any location, break away, and/or be sent to or received from a Dante® enabled device. The USB 2.0 option is also flexible, working as a KVM and/or a high-speed data transfer (480Mbps) for memory sticks. Each IPX USB feature can also be set as a host or a device. To keep the system friendly, a customizable OSD and web server are available to be programmed as required. For RJ-45 LAN devices, the 1G Ethernet port allows full bandwidth end-to-end over the IPX 10G fiber or copper port.

Choice is important. That’s why the IPX-TC3A-Pro (IPX-TC3A-WP3-F-Pro version only) includes an SFP+ port that can use single or multi-mode fiber – making the IPX-TC3A-WP3-Pro the ultimate AV IP product on the market today.

Note: The selected network switch needs to support:  10Gbps, Non-blocking IGMP.

IPX-TC3A-WP3-C-Pro-W: 10G Copper version, white
IPX-TC3A-WP3-C-Pro-B: 10G Copper version, black
IPX-TC3A-WP3-F-Pro-W: 10G Fiber version, white
IPX-TC3A-WP3-F-Pro-B: 10G Fiber version, black

Power Supply NOT included, please order separately.