WACI Nugget I/O

The WACI Nugget I/O is a fully functional stand-alone IP-to-I/O remote access controller with internal web server. In addition, it functions as a remote expansion port for the WACI series of IP-based control systems. The WACI Nugget I/O provides positive feedback to/from DC voltage triggered/triggering devices.

Featuring 2 I/O ports, a POE capable LAN port, and a MicroSD card slot, the WACI Nugget I/O is the ideal solution for providing LAN based control for devices needing I/O functionality.

Software tools are available for free once logged into the customer portal. YIPI is a software tool to create a user interface that is only limited by your imagination.

TRACS Global Asset Management software is available for larger installs to control, report, schedule, and alert a facility or multiple facilities with an easy to use centralized web based typology.

  • Low cost remote IP control
  • Internal web server for storing control pages and other media
  • Seamless integration with the WACI series of IP control system
  • Extremely small form factor and power over Ethernet capability allows for mounting in tight locations, with only a single cable run required
Processor32 bit ARM Processor
LAN10/100 Ethernet with Auto-MDX
Power over EthernetYes
Power12V 1.25A
StorageMicroSD up to 4GB expansion for web pages to be served up and firmware upgrades
StatusStatus LED
SetupBuilt-in setup web pages
Control Ports(2) Digital I/O ports
3.37" x 2.81" x 1" [86 x 71 x 25mm]

Optional Accessories

12v DC 15.6 Watt Power SupplyAvailable in 4 models. Note model shown is North America (USA) bladed version.PS0079-1-US (North America)PS0079-1-EU (Europe)PS0079-1-AU (Aust...