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ReAX Room

A new and better way of having meetings solving all the issues in a conference room.


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ReAX Room
ReAX Room
ReAX Room
ReAX Room

The ReAX Room is a new and better way of having meetings solving all the issues in a conference room. The magic to the ReAX Room is the patented RXT-4D/DV small form factor 4” touch panel with beaming forming Dante/AES67 microphone and integrated speaker. Each seat will have its own panel which creates a speaker array at the table as well as full microphone coverage for everyone, creating a well-balanced room. This allows for mix-minus voice lifting using a DSP (DTX Series). Having the speakers at the table instead of the front of the room or ceiling lowers the overall volume of the room. This in turn increases security as the audio has less chance of being heard outside the room. 

More exciting features about the solution:

  • Seating assignments are solved as each panel can display the person’s name.
  • 3.5mm headset jack and Bluetooth LE wireless connection for hearing assist and language translation.
  • “Raise hand” button that can blink the rear LED or notify the other touch screens who is next in the queue to speak.
  • The ability to vote and store the results for recall later.
  • Control of the room from any location.
  • Transferring control to a mobile device with the integrated NFC and then using personal Bluetooth headset as a wireless microphone.
  • USB-C and HDMI 1G AVoIP inputs at each seating location with up to 100 watts charging.
  • Secondary display output for larger content viewing.
  • Fully customizable to the needs of the room as it is a full-blown control solution using Aurora’s free Core Studio AI tool.

That is just the beginning.

  • For room status and booking, the RXT wall mount touch panel with light ring can be mounted outside the conference room and used with Aurora booking software.
  • Expand the AV distribution with the VPX Series AVoIP transceiver wall plates and box units.
  • Place a VPX-UC1-ULTRA behind the display for a powerful 8 core 2.4GHz Android engine to run Zoom™ or Teams™ with resolutions up to 8K60 4:4:4.
  • Enhance the audio further with the BX-25D 25 Watt PoE+ Dante/AES67 bass expander under the table(s).
  • Add a small form factor PoE++ PC with the RXS-2 with HDMI input and 2.5Gbps LAN port.
  • Enterprise Room Management with Aurora TRACS software 

The scalability of the ReAX Room is only limited by the size of the network switch. Every device in a ReAX Room can be powered from PoE making installations very clean and simple. Aurora provides free education, online videos, and project drawing reviews. 



-          4” desktop touch controller for fully customizable room control, seat assignment, meeting interaction, voting, raise hand, and much more

-          Dante/AES67 angular beamforming microphone for crystal clear speech

-          Dante/AES67 integrated speaker for audio distribution to each participant

-          Headphone jack, dual customizable LED indicators, Bluetooth, & NFC

-          HDMI and USB-C inputs for built-in 4K AV over IP transmitter (RXT-4DV)

-          720x720 LCD 1000 NIT with 2GHz Six Core processor, 1.4TOP NPU, & 800MHz Audio DSP

-          Mix-Minus capable with DSP



-          4”, 8”, or 10” wall mount touch controller for room scheduling, status, and control

-          Compatible with Aurora and 3rd party scheduling solutions, including integration with Microsoft   356, Exchange, Google Workspace, and more

-          Customizable LED ring (16M Colors)

-          Two RS-232, I/O, IR, and Relays

-          Bezel is anodized aluminum and available in custom colors to match decor



-          1G 4K AV over IP transceiver

-          Unified communication processor with 8 Core 2.4GHz Android Processor with 8K60 Output (VPX-   UC1-ULTRA)

-          Ethernet, RS-232, IR, and CEC control expansion for ReAX (RX Series) controllers

-          2 Gang transceiver wall plates available in white or black



-          i5/i7 Intel Processor NUC PC with 1TB SSD & PoE++

-          Dual HDMI outputs with HDMI input for capture

-          Dual LAN 2.5GHz/1GHz

-          Front OLED status display

-          Rack mount for dual 1RU or twelve 4RU



-          25 Watt PoE++ Dante/AES67 Bass Expander

-          4.5” Driver 40Hz to 2000Hz

-          Mounts under table


DTX Series DSP

-          4x4, 8x8, 16x16,32x32, 64x64 Dante DSP

-          Fixed DSP with auto gain, mixing, noise reduction, and more

-          Analog Inputs for 4x4, 8x8, & 16x16


ADD-ON Options


-          2.4GHz RF & Bluetooth IR Remote Control


BT-AC1 Auracast

-          Bluetooth Auracast Audio Public Broadcast USB Dongle for VPX Series

-          100 Meters



-        Enterprise Software for Reporting, Alerting, Controlling, and Statistics of all Aurora devices on the network


-          1G Managed PoE Network Switch (Netgear ReAX Ready Recommended)