Control Solutions

ReAX™ Core Studio


A powerful control system needs powerful tools. Aurora's ReAX™ Core Studio is a professional grade software for creating graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and control logic code. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface allows for easy and flexible design, while enabling rapid duplication and reuse of code blocks. Control programs are published to any ReAX capable control system as a web page. Once loaded on the controller, the control page can be accessed from virtually any device with a web browser. A few examples include Aurora's RXT touch panels, tablets such as an iPad, smart phones, a PC browser, and many other devices. Furthermore, most devices (including those running iOS, Android, and Chrome browser, and others) can launch the Core Studio control pages as a full-screen web app, allowing for a seamless control experience without the need for a native app.

Core Studio integrates all of the common control elements, such as buttons, various toggle elements, sliders, drop down menus, spinboxes, icons, and other design and graphical elements. In addition, advanced features such as live streaming video preview windows for Aurora's AV over IP devices can be included within your control page. And HTML iframes allow you to include content from the web, such as weather feeds, news feeds, stock tickers, or any other local or internet based website content. While Core Studio is a ground-up remake of our existing YIPI and WOWE tools, it has a familiar interface that existing users will understand with little or no learning curve. The published code has been completely revamped though, making use of Node.js and other modern robust technologies for peak efficiency within the ReAX OS. Best of all - ReAX Core Studio is available for free. There is no purchase fee, no registration fee, and no certification fee. We offer training videos to get you started and webinar training for introductory or advanced training. Try out Core Studio with our RX and QX* series of controllers and touch panels today! Note: ReAX Core Studio is available for download from our Customer Portal - *QX controllers running the ReAX OS are compatible with Core Studio.  QX controllers running legacy OS versions require an update to be compatible.  YIPI 5 and WOWE can still be utilized with the legacy QX OS.