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    Aurora IPBaseT AV over IP products and accessories provide solutions for both 10Gbps networks (IPX series) and 1Gbps networks (VLX Series).

    IPX Series:
    10Gbps 4K UHD transceivers with zero frame latency (100us without scaling, 3ms with scaling) and no compression (or low 1.3:1 compression @ 4K60 4:4:4).  The most advanced SDVoE solution on the market, the IPX series is the ideal solution for broadcast, live events, medical, command and control, and government/military applications

    VLX Series:
    1Gbps 4K UHD transceivers with only 1.5 frame (25ms) latency and visually lossless compression.  The cost-effective VLX series is perfectly suited for digital signage, corporate, conference rooms, convention centers, and education applications.

    IPX Series
    10Gbps 4K UHD transceivers with zero frame latency (100us without sca...
    VLX Series
    1Gbps 4K AV-over-IP video distribution perfectly suited for digital si...
    Ethernet Switches
    1G and 10G switches pre-configured for Aurora AV over IP...